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I’m going to wear dark/black eye shadow so it looks like I got punched in the eyes. Have high arched eyebrows so I can look like I just got botoxs. Have bright red cheeks so it looks like I’ve been blushing for hours. Bronzed up so much that it looks like I’ve been in the sun for days… 


This will only make you look like a complete fool. Yes prom is an important event, but you shouldn’t be going with a caked face of make up that turns you into a whole other person. Be simple. It shows more of you. More of your true beauty. Make up is suppose to enhance your beauty, not mask or transform yourself.

This is only a tip, if you think it is wrong, feel free to continue the caking. Remember, your skin needs some breathing too. The more you clog it, the more break outs you get.

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